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Welcome 2013!

New Year’s Resolution(s?)

I made it! I survived yet another apocalypse! Take THAT you Mayan calendar creators!

Since I’ve made it to 2013, I’ve decided to make two resolutions…or, perhaps I’m making the same resolution twice. Hmm… yes, now that I think of it, this is really one resolution to do two things. You can’t really call it two resolutions if all you are doing is changing the word “a” to “two” in your sentence, now can you?

Get on with it, you say? Maybe. I’m procrastinating though, and you’ll just have to wait another moment.

Fine. Okay. Here goes.

“I resolve, that in 2013, I will complete two full-length (approximately 85,000 word) manuscripts.” (See, that’s really ONE big resolution, not two.)

So, hold my feet to the fire (as long as it’s a warm toasty one and I don’t get burned) and take away my internet if I don’t actually accomplish this, but there it is.


Oh… I Can’t Forget to Mention Our New Year’s Celebration

On a personal note, my fabulous husband took me and our two sons on a fun-filled cruise over winter break, so we welcomed the New Year aboard a ship that was gliding toward the Bahamas. For the first time in my life, I actually attended an event where people sang “Auld Lang Syne,”balloons dropped down on our heads at midnight, and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t completely corny. Instead, it was tons of fun.

And Back to My Goals for 2013

Another goal I have for 2013 is to coddle our new Three Rivers Romance Writers chapter and get it up and running with the help of the lovely and fabulous Sheila Larkin. Happily, Bonnie Forsythe has also volunteered to assist us in this endeavor, so everything is progressing well and our first meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 19, 2013. If you check out our website at threeriversromancewriters dot com, you will see the list of upcoming speakers that Sheila the Awesome has already scheduled.

So, I have a second resolution after all! To launch Three Rivers Romance Writers! Ha! And here you thought I only had ONE! Fooled you!


“Keep your head down and just WRITE”… or “How to empty your water pitcher”

Grapes through a water pitcher

Image by quinn.anya via Flickr

I’ve been following that first bit of advice for the past four weeks. It’s been working, up to a point, but I must admit that all work and no play makes Jane a dull… and resentful… girl. Sheridan’s not immune either. Hence, the second quote.

I recently pitched the first novel I had ever written. To my amazement, I not only had a request for 100 pages from an editor, but also a request for a full from an agent.

Sounds great, right? It IS great. No question there.

The problem is that, as I said, it’s the FIRST novel I ever wrote. It’s been sitting in my computer for well over a year, and during that time, I’ve been focusing on developing my craft. The craft of writing.

I’ve attended conferences, listened to lectures, and taken classes. I’ve studied deep point-of-viewcharacterization, the hero and heroine archetypes, creating hooks, writing strong opening chapters, the hero’s journey, and the use of dialogue tags. In doing all of this, I’ve developed confidence and my voice has become stronger. Going through this process has made my writing better than it was when I wrote my first full-length manuscript, and that’s the crux of my problem.

Now, as I review my work and prepare to send it in, I see many things I want to improve. There are parts of my manuscript I love, and parts that make me cringe… I mean, what was I thinking? I want to send in the BEST that I can currently produce, so it needs to be polished.

I’ve been editing furiously, and my critique partners, a beautiful, amazing, talented group of women, have been supporting me. But even with all of the support I’ve been getting, I was beginning to burn out. I kept pouring water out of my water pitcher of creativity and inspiration, but I wasn’t taking time to refill it.

Then came last night’s game of laser tag at Laser Storm. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I finally did something to refill my pitcher. I could feel my creativity and energy flowing back into me.

After all, summer only comes once a year, and kids grow up fast, right? I can’t just sit and write. I also need to go EXPERIENCE some things.

Although it might take a me couple extra days to finish, at least my family and I will be sane at the end of my rewrite.

Adding some pizzazz and creating a reservior of future posts

Copyright Infringement

Image by Raymond Larose via Flickr


Bling. Something to draw the eye.  It’s always nice to add something visually stimulating to your blog.

You can upload your own photos, or you can find free images to use.  WordPress partnered with Zemanta, a company which provides images that are free of copyright infringement. Once you turn on Zemanta in your WordPress settings, a widget appears on the right side of your screen while you are writing your post and it offers you suggested images based on the words you type. The lovely image of the sunset is one provided by Zemanta and is based on the phrase “copyright infringement.”

New content

An important part of developing and maintaining your blog will be including new content. If you want people to keep coming back, there needs to be something new for them to read. You might want to spend a day writing a few potential future posts to use to fill in later down the road in case you don’t have something fresh on you mind that you want to post.

A really nice thing about using WordPress is that it has the “QuickPress” area where you can write your posts and save them as a drafts for future publishing. Again I can’t thank my daughter enough for pointing me toward this great website.

First steps in choosing to write a blog

April 25, 2011

I have to admit, my first blog isn’t what I had in mind, but the idea came to me while setting up my brand new webpage.

Before I decided to even write a blog, I did a bit of research first. First, I needed a real REASON for starting a blog, and the most pressing one is to get a web presence so that when people look for me, they can find me. Easy enough. Decision made.

Second, I needed to start my blog on a good foundation. I know there are a lot of places to host websites, so I decided to ask an expert for advice.

Luckily, I’m related to one. My lovely and talented step-daughter, Kelani Nichole, is a web expert and directed me to WordPress. I’m so glad I asked her! Everything I need is here on this site and I’m able to customize my site easily.  Even though I have a computer background, I have never done any web design, and WordPress is guiding me through the process.

So far today, I have registered my domain name, selected a “theme” for my site, and I have registered it with Google, Yahoo!, and Bing so that (hopefully) people will be able to find me when they look for me!

And now we reach this moment… where I’m adding my very first post.

My current goal for this blog is to communicate what I learn regarding the writing craft. I plan to post interesting and essential tidbits regarding writing that (I hope) other writers will find useful.